Experienced Passionate Staff
Understanding the importance of utilizing a multidisciplinary approach has resulted in a carefully selected team of behavioral health professionals, dietitians, physicians, nurses and integrative therapists, all committed to working with patients, their loved ones and professionals in the community to support lasting recovery.

Wide Range of Therapies
In addition to cutting edge evidence-based therapies, Esperanza offers a wide range of integrative therapies. Professionals in the community come to Esperanza to provide groups in their area of expertise. This gives our patients the highest quality of care in an array of specialties, including RODBT, creative expression, Nia, yoga, guided imagery meditation and more.

Click here to see descriptions of the evidence based and integrative therapy groups that are part of the healing process at Esperanza.

Case Management
Case management is also offered at Esperanza. Our Master’s level case manager provides assistance with housing, transportation, disability insurance and connection to necessary social services organizations.

Treating the Root Cause
Eating disorders are often accompanied by other mental illnesses including trauma, depression, anxiety, substance use and personality disorders. At Esperanza, our focus is not just the eating disorder. Our team is committed to guiding patients to better mental, spiritual and physical health through addressing the underlying causes of the eating disorder and any associated mental illnesses. The message that there is hope for living a more balanced life, free of persistent thoughts about food and body shape, is one patients hear and experience every day at Esperanza.

At Esperanza Eating Disorders Center
You Will Find

In our nurturing, experienced professionals who are with you on every step of your journey

In the cutting-edge treatments customized to meet the individual needs of each patient

In the carefully selected multidisciplinary team of mental health professionals, dietitians, physicians and experiential therapists committed to working with you, your loved ones and professionals in the community to empower lasting recovery

In our commitment to consistent, respectful communication with every patient and every team member

Recovery by Doing
In the kitchen, grocery store, restaurant and at the family dinner table, we practice doing recovery to reinforce skills learned each day

Holistic Healing
In focus on mind, body and spirit for a recovery based in balance and wellness