At Esperanza Eating Disorders Center, our goal is to provide a supportive, empowering environment for eating disorder recovery. Our team of experienced, multidisciplinary clinicians utilize evidence-based treatment approaches to provide individuals with a wide range of skills and healthy coping behaviors to guide them to a life of fulfilling recovery. As a locally owned facility, Esperanza is able to provide individualized care plans that are both effective and flexible.  

Our cornerstone philosophy is Recovery by Doing. Patients do not just hear about what to do, they get hands-on experience doing recovery. Integrative therapies as well as grocery shopping, cooking and plating their own meals and activities like restaurant outings are all part of our hands-on approach to healing.  

We look forward to doing recovery with families and professionals in the South Texas community.

Contact us at (210) 253-9763 to take the first step.

With Shared Hope, 

Susan C. Mengden, PhD
Certified Eating Disorders Specialist/iaedpTM Approved Consultant
Certified Group Psychotherapist
Founder and Executive Director

Esperanza EDC implements infection control and hand hygiene practices consistently in our center. Click to read the full list of safety measures that are part of our infection control protocol, for your safety as well as the safety of our team.

Connect with us at 210.253.9763 for insurance review, and to schedule an assessment.

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