Esperanza CONNECTION is for professionals and the community alike. Our purpose is to create shareable resources, information and conversations about eating disorders and our treatment center. We are passionate about staying connected to our patients, their families and the professional community.  We continue to share the message of hope for recovery through CONNECTION.

September 6, 2022
Adolescent Eating Disorder Treatment. Eating disorders often develop in the teen years, with common age of onset between the ages of 12 and 25. “Early intervention with evidence-based therapies result in reduced treatment time and higher incidence of full recovery for patients,” said Susan C. Mengden, PhD, Founder and Executive Director of Esperanza Eating Disorders Center. (pdf)


June 21, 2022
Binge Eating Disorder impacts three times more people than Anorexia and Bulimia combined.
In addition, 30% of individuals looking for weight loss treatments show signs of BED. Esperanza Eating Disorders Center offers a unique IOP for those battling emotional overeating. (pdf)

April 12, 2022
Susan C. Mengden, PhD, CEDS-s Serving as SA iaedp Chapter President: Dr. Mengden shares information on the organization’s mission, upcoming events and how the SA iaedp Chapter is serving as a resource for the professional community. (pdf)

February 23, 2022
Eating Disorder Awareness Week: 
The prevalence of all types of eating disorders has skyrocketed during the pandemic… (pdf)

June 28, 2022
COVID-19 Impact on Eating Disorder Treatment for the Emerging Adult.
New challenges for the emerging adult 18 to 25-year-old demographic have developed since the COVID-19 pandemic began and mental health professionals were called to rethink their approach to providing services for this fragile population. (pdf)

August 23, 2022
Patient Satisfaction High For All Esperanza Programs. 
 Esperanza is a small eating disorder program celebrating it’s third year serving South Texas and offering specialized services tailored for the individual patient. (pdf)

February 28th – March 4, 2022
In observance of International Eating Disorders Week, we are sharing stories of  recovery offered by professionals in our community.

February 22nd – 28th 2021
In observance of National Eating Disorder Week, we are sharing stories of  hope, joy and resiliency that can be found in recovery. #RecoveryMeans

Recovery & Resiliency Testimony
Adolescent Girl Recovered from Anorexia (pdf)

Recovery & Resiliency Testimony
Adolescent Boy Recovered from Anorexia (pdf)

Recovery & Resiliency Testimony – Woman Recovered from Eating Disorders after 40-Year Struggle (pdf)

Recovery & Resiliency Testimonies: Adult Gay Non-Binary Person Recovered from Eating Disorders and Woman Recovered after 15-year Battle with Bulimia (pdf)

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You can read more about our treatment programs, learn about our expert team in the staff spotlights and see how our Recovery by Doing philosophy provides supportive, empowering and individualized approaches for recovery.

Professional Resources

The following links to Esperanza EDC brochures are provided for print or to share electronically for those wanting to know more about our programs.

Esperanza Eating Disorders Center Brochure (pdf)
Adult PHP and IOP Program (pdf)
Adolescent PHP and IOP Program (pdf)
Emotional Overeating Program (pdf)
Signs and Symptoms of Eating Disorders (pdf)
Current In-Network Insurance Information (pdf)