Patient Program Resources

The following links to Esperanza EDC brochures are provided for print or to share electronically for those wanting to know more about our programs.

Esperanza Eating Disorders Center Brochure (pdf)
Adult PHP and IOP Program (pdf)
Adolescent PHP and IOP Program (pdf)
Emotional Overeating Program (pdf)
Signs and Symptoms of Eating Disorders (pdf)
Current In-Network Insurance Information (pdf)

February 22nd – 28th 2021
In observance of National Eating Disorder Week, we are sharing stories of  hope, joy and resiliency that can be found in recovery. #RecoveryMeans

Recovery & Resiliency Testimony
Adolescent Girl Recovered from Anorexia (pdf)

Recovery & Resiliency Testimony
Adolescent Boy Recovered from Anorexia (pdf)

Recovery & Resiliency Testimony Woman Recovered from Eating Disorders after 40-Year Struggle (pdf)

Recovery & Resiliency Testimonies: Adult Gay Non-Binary Person Recovered from Eating Disorders and Woman Recovered after 15-year Battle with Bulimia (pdf)

Recovery Reflections

Esperanza EDC is partnering with the Eating Disorder Foundation of South Texas. This foundation is dedicated to bringing education, awareness and access to care for those in our community facing eating disorder recovery.

Eric Dorsa, LGBTQ National Eating Disorder Recovery Advocate, shares weekly Recovery Reflections for EDFSTX that align with the mission to provide insight and awareness of the eating disorder recovery journey.

For a complete viewing of all EDFSTX videos visit their YouTube channel and subscribe: